I was born in Australia and grew up with my siblings in a multicultural household. My mother is from Indonesia; my father has Danish heritage. Seeing how differently my parents were treated by society and within their workplaces had a profound influence on me as I grew up. How is it that two smart, educated people could be treated so differently? Why did my mother jump from job to job, while my father had a solid career and retired as a successful banker? It's these questions that drove me during graduate school as I studied and worked towards gaining my Ph.D. in Human Resource Management at the Centre for Human Resource Management in the University of South Australia. 


Those very same questions drive my research today in my current position as the Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Management at RMIT University. My research falls under two overlapping areas: Human Resource Management (HR) and Organisational Behaviour (OB). Specifically, my research revolves around issues of diversity, migrant employees, trust and turnover.


My current projects focus on migrant experiences in organisations, taking a HR/OB perspective, diversity management practices and climate, and organisation trust. If you're interested in participating in a project or just getting in touch with me for a chat, please hit me up on Twitter: @DrBeniH